America’s Top Truck Dispatch Service

The Dispatch Service is like no other truck dispatch service in the trucking industry. The company was started to answer a need for a truck dispatch service that puts the owner operator first. You see, we started as truck drivers ourselves and we saw the need first hand. We found that when you are in business for yourself, no matter what it is, you want someone else to care as much as you about it. In today’s trucking industry , let’s face it…. the driver gets the short end of the stick. Being an owner operator truck driver, you experience this everyday. The Dispatch Service was created with the mindset that your business is the most important thing to us. We care as if our business depends on it…. and it does.

If you have already used a truck dispatch service, you are hear because you know what we are talking about.  Ever had a truck dispatcher not call you with a load for several days? Only to then have them give you a $300 load going 600 miles? We have found that other services work sometimes up to 30 drivers per dispatcher. TDS works to keep the driver to dispatcher ratio low….very low. This helps keep you and your dispatcher in better contact as well as your truck dispatcher providing the best service possible. This, among other things is what makes our truck dispatch service the nation’s best dispatch service. We even provide the best hotshot dispatch service if you don’t drive a big truck.Please feel free to check out the other pages of our site for further details, or give us a call and we will get you moving!